Interactive Architectural Modeling with Procedural Extrusions

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We present an interactive procedural modeling system for the exterior of architectural models. Our modeling system is based on procedural extrusions of building footprints. The main novelty of our work is that we can model difficult architectural surfaces in a procedural framework, for example, curved roofs, overhanging roofs, dormer windows, interior dormer windows, roof constructions with vertical walls, buttresses, chimneys, bay windows, columns, pilasters, and alcoves. We present a user interface to interactively specify procedural extrusions, a sweep plane algorithm to compute a two-manifold architectural surface, and applications to architectural modeling.

This was one of the papers from my PhD thesis; the version there is somewhat expanded/a little more rambling. There is the presentation video from Siggraph on the ACM page – excuse the distracted tone…I was competing with the sea-planes landing outside the Vancouver conference center.

Playlist of related videos:

Here’s a picture from an early draft of the manuscript showing how arbitrary polygons (of a coauthor) could be made into geometry:


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