marvin the robot

I realised that some of my old projects never got put back onto the web, like they deserve. So presenting my UCSC CMPS160 final project marvin-the-robot

It was made in C++, with a meg/sec memory leak to show for its troubles (this was a work of graphics not engineering). The windowing code came from the fltk system. The only bit of code that might be useful to someone is the downhill iterative IK solver that’s in there, somewhere.



  • R – change camera mode
  • 1..6 – ask marvin to do some actions
  • < > – move camera forward / back
  • [ ] – move camera in / out

Is an IK example of robot riding around a small moon endlessly. Was written in C++, source is here use it under the normal WTFPL.

The binaries for OS X are here. If anyone builds it, it’d be great to have some binaries for other OSes, also if you’ve got a mac powerful enough to run the app and do a screen capture at the same time, a youtube video would make me very happy 🙂