The other project I’d forgotten about was Mudslingin’, the second year undergrad (5 year old), 5 person “group” project. It’s a two player, network enabled game in which you try to drown your opponent by throwing balloons full of mud or water at them. It contained a very rough fluid simulator! Your opponent has bombs to blow up your dams – great fun for the whole family. It has quite a lot of features now I look back on it, even it it was rough around the edges.

There are lots of bugs, many to do with a 40 minute conversion into the webstart format. Sound, save and networking probably won’t work in the webstart edition. The options menu seems to freeze everything. You also need another person to play against! Keys:

Menus: Up, Down, Enter
Player 1: Up, Down, Left, Right
Player 2: K,L,O,M
Quit: Escape

Go “start game” then pick one of the levels like ‘blood fountain’.


Files are here. Github. To run the jar:

java -jar Mudsling.jar

Spot the (bizarre) perl server! I think we came top of the year, but my memory is hazy… Now this is published, I can pack my computer up so it can go into storage.