thesis latex source

The source to the thesis is now available. This might be useful to people wanting to see what a thesis looks like from the inside (after being edited from multiple source and multiple authors). The .tex files aren’t a pretty sight, with more comments, deleted paragraphs and rubbish than I’d really like.

Latex source

Build instructions:

  • The thesis/ script will try to build dissertation.pdf
  • Latexmk is used to find resources to rebuild
  • Most of the images were created using inkscape, and would be best edited using the same.
  • I used svg-latex for images. The setup will reprocess any svgs, using a command line call to inkscape. This means that latex has to be configured to run scripts (enable write18 is the magic google search).
  • I’m sorry but I don’t have a record of all the latex packages required for the build. Those that aren’t in source are available in Ubuntu package manager.

There are some strange transparency rendering bugs in some images in the Chrome pdf viewer (below left). Adobe and Ubuntu Document Viewer (below right) handle them fine.


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